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Apple Updates App Review Guidelines To Match New Tech

Apple’s new Face ID and augmented reality, ARKit, have unlocked possibilities for both the good guys and the bad guys. The tech giant has now modified its App Review Guidelines accordingly. Hacking with Swift outlined the major changes.

Apps that use Face ID for authentication are now required to use LocalAuthentication and not ARKit or other facial recognition technology. Users under 13 years of age must be able to authenticate by a different method – in the absence of a Touch ID button, that would be either a passcode or passphrase.

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Real-Time Payments Should Cover Half The US By End of 2018

Real-time payments are coming to the U.S., although it may take a while to reach into remote spots across the country that are served by small community banks or credit unions.

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Why Understanding Morality is Key to Understanding Future With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming an infallible part of the development of present-day technology. Yet the public discussion often centers around a notion of a ‘human-like’ robot and my concern is that the impact gets downplayed. How then should we look at the future with AI? One way which may be helpful is examining the aspect of morality and consciousness, or rather, the lack of both in decision-making in a new paradigm.


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Credit Unions: Is it time to decline fallback?

Fallback occurs when a credit or debit EMV chip card cannot be read at a chip terminal when inserted and is processed by swiping the mag stripe. Fallback is typically seen in a market where EMV is first being introduced. An incorrectly configured terminal, terminals that are not set up to process “chip and PIN”, terminals that have not been programmed to route transactions over some networks, and in rare cases, defective chips within the card, are all potential or legitimate reasons for a chip card to not be capable of being read properly at the terminal.


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Research Proves Consumers Know Diddly Squat About Credit Unions

What consumers don't know about credit unions is a lot. There are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding what credit unions are, what they offer and who can join.


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Why The Cloud Is The Biggest Disruptor In Every Business Today

The first sign that the cloud was going to take over the world came in 2008 when research firm Gartner introduced cloud computing on its closely-followed hype cycle, which ranks fledgling technologies based on how the market perceives them and how far they are away from mainstream adoption.

At the time, Gartner predicted that the cloud was 2-to-5 years away from going mainstream, and few people outside the world of enterprise computing really understood the concept of accessing software and services remotely via the Internet rather than from locally-installed servers. Google Docs, arguably one of the first truly mainstream applications of cloud computing, was still a year away from coming out of its beta testing stage.



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