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In Payments Security, Hunting For The Goldilocks Effect

Think Goldilocks is just about getting the porridge and the beds and the chairs just right, and avoiding the three bears? Think again.


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Why APIs Are The Beginning — Not The End

From an acronym known mostly by programmers in the early 2000s to something thousands of innovators have embraced to ignite numerous innovative solutions, it’s been an electric journey for the application program interface (API).


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The promise of blockchain

Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockchain is not Bitcoin.


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A Global Approach To Local B2B Payments Digitization

Digitization of B2B payments is on the rise, but the trend is challenged by discrepancies across geographic markets, according to the latest World Payments Report by Capgemini and BNP Paribas.

The 2017 report, released Monday (Oct. 9), found non-cash transactions are growing at a healthy rate — with volumes increasing 11.2 percent between 2014 and 2014 representing the highest growth in a decade, researchers said. Developing markets are driving this growth, too.


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Payments Are Moving To Real-Time In Countries Around The World

Faster payment systems are being adopted in countries all around the globe even though there is no compelling ROI argument for them, according to the fourth annual Flavors of Fast payments study from FIS.

“We encourage you to look beyond the two-dimensional business case to the third dimension: business value,” wrote Anthony Jabbour, chief operating officers for banking & payments at FIS. “We recognize that it is the relevant data that allows you to build new services, to drive loyalty and a unique instant and relevant customer experience, enabled by new API technologies. It is the only way forward and the research clearly indicates that the schemes with the higher innovation scores enjoy a faster adoption rate.”


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Digital payments expected to hit 726 billion by 2020 — but cash isn't going anywhere yet

People around the world are expected to make 726 billion transactions using digital payment technologies by 2020, according to a study released Monday.



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