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Credit Unions Gain Loan Share From Autos to Real Estate

The average credit union is the tenth the size of a bank, but credit unions were growing twice as fast in the second quarter, according to Callahan & Associates’ quarterly Trendwatch report.


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As prices rise, mortgage lenders are making it easier to buy a house

Home prices are rising across the country and mortgage rates, though still historically low, are up since the presidential election. Simply put, buying a home isn’t easy, especially in high-cost metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles County, where the median price of a home hit $569,000 in June.


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Alt-Lending Enjoys Sudden Investment Revival

Alternative lending was the golden child among investors around 2015, but lately, the industry seems to have fallen out of favor thanks to regulatory uncertainty and questions over the viability of some business models.


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Millennials fuel mortgage growth

Economic trends in residential real estate suggest opportunities ahead for financial institutions in mortgage lending. In 2017, there will be more qualified borrowers, more buyers looking for a home, more new homes, and more refinancing for home improvement.


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Homebuyers remain a huge opportunity for credit unions

Home buying is painful. Aside from the financial considerations and worries, the process of home shopping and home financing is a real challenge filled with anxious moments and uncertainty. In 2016 U.S. homeownership rate fell to the lowest point in over 50 years as rising prices put a home purchase out of reach of many Americans. The Census Bureau reported that the percentage of Americans who own their homes was 62.9 percent in July, 2016, the lowest since 1965. Last year, the homeownership rate for Americans ages 18-34 fell to 34.1 percent. This drop in homeownership is due to a delay in homebuying by millennials, who have the lowest ownership rate of their age group in history. However, regardless of age group, the decision to purchase a home will likely have lasting impacts on the household’s finances.


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Industries Where FinTech Is Changing The Game

It hasn’t been very long since people like Don Draper were required for virtually all parts of personal and business finance. Sending money, lending, and payments were all monopolized by the banking industry. Thanks to leaders in the financial technology community, known collectively as “FinTech,” that is all changing.

Money is moving faster than ever, and the banking industry chokehold on financial transactions is loosening. Here are some industries where we are seeing rapid change thanks to FinTech and where we can expect to see much more progress in the future.



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