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Giving a Voice to FinTech Innovation
John and Glen discuss highlights from last week's FinovateFall conference, including interviews with top presenters SpyCloud, Finn, Gro Solutions and Kony.
Credit Union Competitive Advantage – Collaboration
Naveen Jain, VP of Digital Analytics at First Tech FCU, is a HUGE believer in the credit union industry. So much so that he has launched a collaborative online community platform called CULytics where credit union tech professionals can learn, listen and collaborate on solutions to solve pressing credit union industry problems. In this episode, Naveen discusses the technology focus of First Tech Federal Credit Union, the CULytics event and community, and why data and technology are important for CUs.

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Equifax Hack Impacts 143 Million Customers

Credit scoring company Equifax announced Thursday (Sept.7) it had experienced a cybersecurity incident that may have impacted approximately 143 million consumers in the U.S., as well as the credit card numbers of approximately 209,000 people.


The Collaborative Model
Darryl Proctor, Product Director of Payments at Temenos, discusses the Temenos Marketplace and Jams, payments, regulations, emerging technologies and embracing opportunity.
To Fish with a Net or a Spear? Implementing Analytics at CUTX
Keith Malbrue, CIO of the Credit Union of Texas partnered with OnApproach to implement its data analytics program. In this week’s BIGcast, Keith and John discuss the strategic decisions, cultural alignment and Information Technology approach that has led to the successful analytics implementation at CUTX.
Creative Futurism
Author Kevin J. Anderson discusses mountain climbing, internet security, the intersection of creativity and work, and John and Kevin announce their new podcast venture, Creative Futurism.

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