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Rendel: Boards should focus on ‘central ideas’

The best boards ask the best questions. That’s because they know asking probing questions leads to good ideas, says Jeff Rendel, president of Rising Above Enterprises. He addressed the CUNA National Credit Union Roundtable for Board Leadership Friday in Las Vegas.


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Credit Unions: Is it time to decline fallback?

Fallback occurs when a credit or debit EMV chip card cannot be read at a chip terminal when inserted and is processed by swiping the mag stripe. Fallback is typically seen in a market where EMV is first being introduced. An incorrectly configured terminal, terminals that are not set up to process “chip and PIN”, terminals that have not been programmed to route transactions over some networks, and in rare cases, defective chips within the card, are all potential or legitimate reasons for a chip card to not be capable of being read properly at the terminal.


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The Past, Present And Future Of Voice Banking

It’s been a little over a year since our Digital Banking Tracker heralded the “Dawn of Banking Voice Technology.” Now it’s more like the high noon of banking voice technology, with most major banks hosting their own incarnation — all with slightly different capabilities and adoption rates.


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Bitcoin Price Flies To More Than $4,100 Over Weekend

Bitcoin investors were in for a wild ride over the weekend, with the cryptocurrency trading below $3,700 and then an hour later trading around $4,135. This recent bitcoin price surge comes on an all-time high of $3,000 set a week ago. While there’s no one reason why bitcoin surged so much over the weekend news from TechCrunch pointed to a handful of reasons. For starters, confidence in the virtual currency is increasing after bitcoin went through a so-called hard fork without suffering, and then a few days later it installed a code modification dubbed SegWit that fixes malleability issues as well as enables more transactions to be stored in each blockchain. Because of those confidence-boosting moves, TechCrunch speculated it drove the bitcoin price up over the weekend.


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Research Proves Consumers Know Diddly Squat About Credit Unions

What consumers don't know about credit unions is a lot. There are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding what credit unions are, what they offer and who can join.



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