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Beyond fraud: 5 ways machine learning makes your credit union smarter

For credit unions today, machine learning is proving invaluable in the fight against card fraud. Moreover, the technology’s potential to enhance your service proposition extends well beyond the realm of member security. The sheer power of prediction delivered by machine learning has the ability to transform nearly every aspect of your business model. It’s hard to imagine a single area of a credit union’s operations that would not benefit from the ability to see accurately into the future. And your members will love it.


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Using The Blockchain To Bring Banking To Everyone

Refugees are among the most unique groups of people for whom to enable mobile payments and other financial services. Clearly an acute need is there, but modern banking is built upon knowing one’s customers; and when all refugees have are the clothes on their back, cash in their pocket and a mobile phone in their hand, knowing one’s customer becomes an extremely high bar to jump.


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Is Banking’s ‘Uber’ Moment Coming?

SAN JOSE, Calif.– Has banking had its “Uber moment,” or is the industry still waiting? This was one of the key questions debated by the fintech professionals attending Bank Innovation 2017, currently taking place here.

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CO-OP CEO Challenges Credit Union Industry to Adopt Digital Mindset

Todd Clark, CEO at CO-OP Financial Services, tied a bow around CO-OP’s four day THINK 17 conference in New York City by challenging credit union stakeholders to adopt a digital mindset.

THINK 17 he explained is the first step in the digital transformation journey “Digital is the reality,” Clark said. “We have to figure out as an industry how we do digital better.”


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5 ways to build a more cohesive credit union team

Even though credit unions have a strong sense of mission, leading a credit union team can, at times, feel like herding cats! That’s because credit union team members tend to be intelligent and independent thinkers, with ideas of their own. This is a good thing! The challenge for you as a credit union leader, of course, is how to harness those ideas and point them in a single direction.