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IBM uses blockchain to improve cross-border payments processing

IBM is leading a project that uses public blockchain technology to make international payments in developing countries more efficient and less expensive.


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CFOs Trust The Cloud, But Aren’t Gaining All Its Benefits Yet

Chief financial officers (CFOs) were among the last to fully trust cloud technology for their organizations, according to research from software company Adaptive Insights. But, as its third-quarter CFO Indicator report shows, the portion of CFOs that embrace the cloud has spiked in only the last few years.


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In Payments Security, Hunting For The Goldilocks Effect

Think Goldilocks is just about getting the porridge and the beds and the chairs just right, and avoiding the three bears? Think again.


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Why APIs Are The Beginning — Not The End

From an acronym known mostly by programmers in the early 2000s to something thousands of innovators have embraced to ignite numerous innovative solutions, it’s been an electric journey for the application program interface (API).


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The promise of blockchain

Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockchain is not Bitcoin. Blockchain is not Bitcoin.



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