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Catching a Unicorn – Talking Data with Clay Yearsley
Clay Yearsley, SVP of Data Analytics at Texas Trust CU joins the BIGcast this week to discuss his role as a Data Analytics executive, why Texas Trust Credit Union decided it was important to create a Data Analytics position, the strategic role he plays at the organization, and how OnApproach helped Texas Trust to start its analytics program.
The Network Effect
Our four BIGcast network hosts discuss how their rotating podcasts combine to provide a complete picture of innovation. They also debate instant issue debit cards, Apple Pay vs. WalMart Pay, and WKRP in Cincinnati.
Applying Big Data Technology at A Credit Union - A Case Study
Len Hendricks, CTO of Celero Solutions, joined Anne Legg onstage at the AXFI Conference last June to discuss the implementation of Celero’s business analytics offerings, project challenges and successes, analytics as a foundation for the future and ice hockey.
The United Nations of Credit Unions- and a Bitcoin Revolt
John shares his takeaways from the World Credit Union Conference in Vienna, including an interview with Mark Meyer, CEO of Filene Research Institute. Also, John and Glen discuss the recent "soft fork" that has roiled the Bitcoin world and a disagreement on Blue Apron.
Finovate - Getting the Timing Right on Innovation
Glen chats with Finovate front man Greg Palmer about the conference's expanding format, its launch of a Dubai showcase and how financial innovation has evolved since the event's 2007 launch. Also, why Canadian CUs can't say "bank," how the Fed pulled a fast(er) one and more industry news.
Big Data and the Zombie Apocalypse - Your Toolkit for the New Digital World
John watches The Walking Dead and realizes that the skills and tools needed to survive a zombie apocalypse are the same skills and tools your organization needs to survive digital disruption.
Cultivating an Effective Leadership Approach to Financial Services Disruption
In this podcast, John Janclaes interviews Boston Consulting Group veteran Micah Jindal, who is a core member of the firm’s financial services practice. Micah shares his views on topics such as platform technologies, how to cultivate agility amid unprecedented disruption as well as his approaches to personal development, including risk taking.
Distributed Ledgers And The Evolution of Identity
Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger and Dr. Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer at Evernym and Founding Trustee of the Sovrin Foundation join John for a wide-ranging discussion on topics related to Identity and distributed ledger projects, and how their organizations are furthering the development of Digital Identity.
Hey Credit Unions, More Cooperation and Movement – Please!
George Hofheimer, Chief Knowledge Officer at Filene Research Institute, discusses what credit unions do differently than other traditional financial institutions, challenges and opportunities facing the credit union space and the credit union difference.
PayKey: Going with the (Payment) Flow
John talks with PayKey Chief Marketing Officer Guy Talmi about an innovative solution that promises to keep the FI at the center of the payment process without detouring from social media apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc.)

About BIGcast Network

Credit Union Industry Experts, John Best, Founder of Best Innovation Group (BIG), Glen Sarvady, Managing Principal at 154 Advisors and Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE Strategic Services have teamed-up to offer a new podcast series to form the BIGcast Network. The BIGcast will become a twice weekly podcast and will be offering financial news and thought leadership in the areas of Business Strategy, Innovation, Payments and Leadership to financial institutions globally. Meet the BIGCast Network Team:

John Best is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry. Requests for speaking engagements include Symitar national and regional conferences, Information Technologies Credit Union Association annual conference, and CUNA Technology Council, CUNA Marketing Council, CUNA lending Council Filene Water Cooler Annual Symposium and Correlation annual meeting as a keynote speaker.
Anne Legg is founder of THRIVE Strategic Services. THRIVE leads organizations to goal attainment via data translation resulting in innovative and transformational business strategies. Anne is a recognized credit union expert and thought leader with an MBA thesis on the credit union business model as well as two internationally published whitepapers on credit union business strategy. She has served as an SME for CUNA and National University and has instructed at several CUNA schools.
John Janclaes has more than thirty years of experience in the financial services industry, spanning retail banking, brokerage, and insurance. He joined Partners Federal Credit Union in June 2004 as President and Chief Executive Officer. With eleven branches located primarily in California and Florida, Partners serves employees of The Walt Disney Company, currently numbering more than 140,000 members with$1.6 billion in assets under management.

John is founder of The CEO Corner, an online forum to help business leaders and their organizations thrive ( In recognition of John’s commitment to leadership development, proceeds from the sale of his leadership book, "Doing What Matters" will be donated to support scholarships for business leaders in training.
Glen Sarvady’s episodes of the BIGCast will focus on top-of-mind topics impacting the payments world, analysis of recent product launches, acquisitions, partnerships and innovations, and on-site reporting and interviews from industry venues like Finovate, Money 20/20 and NACHA Payments. Interviews will be brief and to-the-point, emphasizing substance and avoiding informercial territory. As with other BIGCast Network offerings credit unions receive added attention, but the discussions will be relevant and entertaining for strategic thinkers across the financial services spectrum, particularly those interested in consumer and small business experience and the real-world effects of breakthrough payment innovations.

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