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Collateral Effects and Unintended Consequences -  A Conversation with Science Fiction Author Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin Anderson has written over 140 books, including 50 best sellers, and is one of the founders of WordFire Press, which was founded to allow authors to take advantage of new technology. In this episode, John and Kevin discuss innovation, technological change, science fiction, money batteries and disruption in the publishing and finance industries.
Member Obsession, the fine line between creepy and awesome, and value creation
Anne’s episodes will focus on all things business, specifically the why and how about companies, products, people and ideas that make money, and how can credit unions benefit. In her first solo podcast as part of the new BIGcast Network, she discusses sales and marketing strategies, customer journeys, value creation and what this all means for credit unions with her special guest, Sam Mallikarjunan from HubSpot.
From Seed to Growth – The Fourth Corner CU
The Fourth Corner Credit Union is the first new accredited CU in Colorado in more than 10 years with a Charter that extends membership to any cannabis-related business, or non-profit, that supports the legalization of cannabis or hemp. Deirdra O’Gorman, CEO at The Fourth Corner, discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with the creation of a new credit union in an uncharted financial area.
P2P Payments: Getting the Gazelle out of the Starting Gate
In Glen’s first solo podcast as part of the new BIGcast Network, and Part 2 of his highlights from the NACHA Faster Payments Conference, Glen explores Zelle's efforts to take on Venmo in the P2P space with an interview from Zelle partner FIS, and an interview with Shazam, which offers a community FI alternative. Also, details on why September's Same Day ACH debit rollout demands your attention.
Faster Payments, Compelling Innovation

John and Glen discuss key takeaways from NACHA’s recent Faster Payments conference, including on-site interviews with FIS, Phoenix Marketing, and the Dean of Vanderbilt’s Graduate School of Management. Plus, a guided tour of the Dark Web!

Introducing the BIGcast Network
On May 8, the BIGcast format is changing to become a twice weekly podcast hosted by Anne Legg, Glen Sarvady and John Best. BIGcast Producer Laura Weiss joins Anne, Glen and John to discuss the format and schedule changes. Also in this week’s BIGcast – the SWIFT Network and credit union security in light of an expose on a Russian hacker.
Where Do I Need to Be, And What Do I Need to Get There?
Sam Mallikarjunan, Marketing Fellow at HubSpot, discusses innovation, creativity, disruption, change, marketing, sales and small houses.
Beyond Blockchain – The Social and Economic Impacts of Distributed Ledger Technology
Manuel Stagars has released his latest documentary, The Blockchain and Us, that focuses on non-technical implications of distributed ledger technology. Manuel and John discuss the new film, social disruption, the implications of distributed ledger technology outside of finance and the importance of “future-proofing” in the age of disruption.
Why Visual Marketing Matters
Naomi Castillo of FSSI and John discuss the importance of transactional documents to a credit union’s brand, and how innovation in that space can drive engagement and brand recognition.
Data Sharing: Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?
John and Glen decipher the EU's groundbreaking new PSD2 regulation, discuss the prospects for similar US legislation, and debate the pros and cons of sharing transaction data with non-banks.

About BIGcast Network

Credit Union Industry Experts, John Best, Founder of Best Innovation Group (BIG), Glen Sarvady, Managing Principal at 154 Advisors and Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE Strategic Services have teamed-up to offer a new podcast series to form the BIGcast Network. The BIGcast will become a twice weekly podcast and will be offering financial news and thought leadership in the areas of Business Strategy, Innovation, Payments and Leadership to financial institutions globally. Meet the BIGCast Network Team:

John Best is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry. Requests for speaking engagements include Symitar national and regional conferences, Information Technologies Credit Union Association annual conference, and CUNA Technology Council, CUNA Marketing Council, CUNA lending Council Filene Water Cooler Annual Symposium and Correlation annual meeting as a keynote speaker.
Anne Legg is founder of THRIVE Strategic Services. THRIVE leads organizations to goal attainment via data translation resulting in innovative and transformational business strategies. Anne is a recognized credit union expert and thought leader with an MBA thesis on the credit union business model as well as two internationally published whitepapers on credit union business strategy. She has served as an SME for CUNA and National University and has instructed at several CUNA schools.
Glen Sarvady’s episodes of the BIGCast will focus on top-of-mind topics impacting the payments world, analysis of recent product launches, acquisitions, partnerships and innovations, and on-site reporting and interviews from industry venues like Finovate, Money 20/20 and NACHA Payments. Interviews will be brief and to-the-point, emphasizing substance and avoiding informercial territory. As with other BIGCast Network offerings credit unions receive added attention, but the discussions will be relevant and entertaining for strategic thinkers across the financial services spectrum, particularly those interested in consumer and small business experience and the real-world effects of breakthrough payment innovations.

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